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    I also was involved in negotiations for All-Pros Eddie George and Steve McNair in Tennessee. In all of these cases, I felt confident the players were fully committed to their NFL careers, were good teammates and wanted to help their teams win a <a href=”https://www.rsgole.com/”>OSRS Gold</a> Super Bowl.I’m not feeling that vibe if I’m a Giants exec observing Beckham’s antics over the past few years.

    From his on-field volatility to his similar lack of professionalism off the field, I’d be thinking this guy is a prima donna who just doesn’t get it as far as his pro football career is concerned.WATCH: Evolution of OBJ’s TD danceIf Beckham were to get seriously hurt working out away from the Giants and couldn’t play in 2017, he could be denied his salary due to a non-football injury.

    That would cost him $1.84 million this year, and his contract could be tolled for a year, thus delaying his signing of a new deal. The Giants already have exercised his fifth-year option at over $8 million and, again, an injury could push back that salary by a full year.So it behooves Beckham to be at Giants OTAs even if he picks his spots to participate.

    Of course, things get more dicey if a new deal isn’t signed before training camp, as he then becomes subject to major fines if he chooses not to report while under contract.But if I’m Reese, I’m not feeling inclined to seriously negotiate a Beckham extension until I see him at the Giants facility.

    Yes, Beckham’s 288 career receptions with 35 touchdowns and three consecutive Pro Bowl selections are <a href=”https://www.rsgole.com/”>Buy OSRS Mobile Gold</a> indicative of his immense talent. But can he be trusted to take his game to the next level, elevate his team to Super Bowl status, become a leader and do all the things that the highest compensated players are expected to do?The jury is still out on the answers to these critical questions.They might not matter in the final analysis contract-wise, but with everything that has occurred, I would think twice before breaking the bank for Beckham.

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