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Community meeting on the future of Lents Park on August 17

Friends and neighbors-

Two months ago, we spoke up and had our voices heard: Lents Park has enormous potential as a community gem, not as a professional baseball stadium.

Portland heard us loud and clear. And better yet, city hall is still listening.

Commissioner Nick Fish, an opponent of the stadium plan and Portland’s city commissioner in charge of parks, wants to hear from Lents residents about the future of our centerpiece park (and its nearby twin, Bloomington Park). The city is looking for areas of need and opportunities for improvement, and city officials think Lents residents are in the best position to advise them on what those needs and opportunities are.

Do we need new turf, better lighting, more water fountains and restrooms? Could Lents Park be home to a community center, an amphitheater, or an anchor on a greenway?

We’re inviting all of you to come out to the Lents Park Gazebo at 6 p.m. Monday, Aug. 17. At this point, Commissioner Fish, Zari Santner (Parks Director), and Doug Brenner (Zone Manager) are planning on attending this brainstorming and listening session (although schedules are always subject to change). Hopefully, this will be a starting point for a long discussion about making Lents Park one of the best parks in America’s best city for parks.

I’d love to see you all out there. And one last thing — don’t forget to go next door and tell your neighbors, too. We did amazing things thanks to community outreach in June — we can continue to do amazing things with that same kind of dedication and effort.

Thanks, and feel free to send me an e-mail if you have any questions.

Nick Christensen

2 comments to Community meeting on the future of Lents Park on August 17

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  • Jack

    One Response to “More News from Lents”
    Jack Peek says:
    August 12, 2009 at 7:17 am
    Business as usual…Nick Fish ,and all the rest, if you had a “body language” expert convey the real deal as far as what he really thinks, can’t get out of a Lents meeting on any subject fast enough.

    He is so “above” BLUE COLLAR/hardworking/unemployed/ high school grads or droup outs,and for years, going back to Vera Katz this is the case.

    Her ” HIGHNESS” and her New York ways, slide off to Sam Adams, raised on the Oregon coast, not far from the smell of dead fish on the beach which he has carried into his horrible tenure as mayor.

    Beware Lents….the “KING” that comes, is not bearing gifts, only a desire to rule you some more.